Sport & Freizeit



We have outlined the general requirements previously. Particular attention must be paid to the great selection of requirements: various ages, contacts to clubs, sports clothing and the times available to the refugees. As mentioned earlier, there should be no problem with fees and club membership. Apart from these considerations, sport and recreation are ideal forms of contact to German society. For this reason the Helper

Organization has already established excellent contact to all Rheinbacher sports clubs. All refugees are comprehensively insured during such sport activities.


In school holidays many excursions are offered, in particular:

  • Participation in camps, local or in the region
  • Events in the Glass Museum
  • Events organized by the Eifel Club (Eifelverein)
  • Participation in football- or other tournaments
  • Grill Events in Rheinbach Recreation Park (Freizeitpark)
  • Concert visits
  • …and many more

At all events the Sport and Leisure programmes are an ideal way for refugees to enjoy themselves and achieve the most important requirement – learning our language!

In all of these programmes, all new helpers are very welcome. Come and join us….